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[fanfic] Crossover drabbles

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Jan. 17th, 2007 | 04:57 pm
posted by: chaya in gimme_the_news

I've been taking requests over here - flocked, sorry - for little crossovery remixy things, and so far there are two that involve Who, so!

oneangrykate wanted Tenth Doctor + Elijah Wood + iPod.

There's a little park - damned spacious for the heart of NYC, actually - right across the street from the salon, so Elijah waits for Hannah's pedicure to be finally, finally, finally over on a comfortable bench under a willow. It's unexpectedly peaceful.

A man settles next to him, early thirties, maybe, pinstripes and rectangle glasses, and an interesting sort of scruffiness. The earbuds are giving off a catchy, tinny sort of tune, and when Elijah sneaks a glance, he finds the iPod nestled in his breast pocket is pink.

Maybe, Elijah thinks, he's got a shot.

So Elijah asks what he's listening to, and the man says (in a British accent) he's just got shuffle on and it's borrowed, and so Elijah takes the offered bud and listens a moment. He guesses Lady Sovereign, and the man makes a show of peeking not-at-all-discreetly at the screen before telling him he's absolutely right.

The man turns out to be waiting for the owner of the iPod, who's getting her nails done, who is British too, but not his sister, but no they aren't dating, just good friends, and who are you waiting for? And Elijah tells him, and gives his name as a greeting, and the man nods and smiles blithely and has obviously never heard of Elijah Wood in his life, which is both surprising and wonderful all at once. John Smith has also never heard of Lady Sovereign, but he has a soft spot for The Beatles and Brahms and some of No Doubt, but mostly the early stuff, you know? And Elijah does, and tries to throw out some impressive indie Brit bands that he's heard of from Dom, but John smiles and says he wanders around too much to be properly acquainted with his own culture, if that makes any sense, and Elijah says it does.

When Hannah appears with a big grin, sandals slapping against the pavement as she curls her toes back and down again, John grins back at her, wide and manic and beautiful, and Elijah feels an ache in his lower back later that night that he dedicates for ever being so stupid as to get up from that damn bench under that damn willow.


van wanted Patrick Troughton + Jamie McCrimmon + dictionary.

Pat finds him cross-legged on the floor in his study, in his Jamie costume, head bent over a large tome.

Pat gave Frazer keys, yes, but not so he could break in at three in the morning to borrow his dictionary.

"What are you looking up?"

"Chevrolet," Frazer says, in his Jamie voice and pronouncing it wrong. "It has something to do with cars, I think. I saw it on that picture."

Pat looks dazedly over at the magazine on the end table, opened to a car advert and the second half of an article on stage acting. "I see," Pat says slowly, trying to remember if Frazer does any drugs.

"You taught me to look up words I don't know," Frazer says in his Jamie-voice.

"Did I?"

"Aye." He doesn't look up from the 'Ch's.

"Well, I'll save you some time and tell you. It's an American brand of car."

"Oh." Frazer cocks his head to one side, looks up at Pat, and closes the dictionary in one noisy thud. "Thanks, Doctor."

"Is there any reason we're in character?"

"In what?"

Pat stares at him a moment, and Frazer seems to decide that obviously there is no hope for this conversation because Pat is somewhat out of his mind, poor chap, and so he lumbers to his feet (in that damnable kilt) and makes an effort to put the dictionary back in its place on the shelf.

"I've never seen these rooms before," Frazer says lightly, still Scottish.

"You have, at the Christmas party." But then again Frazer was incredibly drunk, and if he didn't remember the dresser drawer incident the next day, he probably remembers nothing now. "Never mind. Go get some sleep."

"Alright." Obediently, Frazer shrugs his shoulders and looks around. "Is that hall the way out?"

"Yes," Pat says, wondering if he'll ask how to work the doorknob next.

"Right. Good night, then, Doctor." Frazer looks at first like he's going to just go, but right before passing Pat, he lays a soft good-bye kiss on his temple and squeezes his shoulder.

Pat stares mutely ahead until he hears the front door of his flat click securely after the boy. He then wets his lips, pours himself a brandy, and goes straight to bed.

Frazer claims innocence the next day. Pat finds it maddening. Frazer only lies if it's funny or gets a girl out of their dress. There's no sense to it.


More to come, depending on the requests. :D

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from: lithrael
date: Jan. 18th, 2007 02:43 am (UTC)

May I just say that second one has bent my mind worse than any episode of Twilight Zone could have done. And I love and hug it.

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