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Wikipedia should not be read lightly:

The original outline by Ian Briggs for the Seventh Doctor serial The Curse of Fenric made a reference to Ace not being a virgin, but this was removed for the final production. Briggs, who had created the character of Ace, had stated in Ace's character outline for Dragonfire that she had slept with Glitz on Iceworld. The Paul Cornell-written New Adventures novel Love and War implies (and his later novel Happy Endings confirms) that Ace lost her virginity to Glitz.

. . . I don't know what to do with that. Then again, it's not like Ben hadn't already told me this. I guess I was just hoping he was mistaken. (Glitz? Seriously? Ace should have better taste.)
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Jack/Ianto drabble

tag to the massive cop-out ending of 1x08. also, chaya is inadvertantly to blame for this.

There is something delicate in the way Jack kisses Ianto, something soft and exploratory in the fingertips on his cheek, his throat, the shell of his ear. Ianto finds himself almost the leader; bolder, incredibly, with his tongue and rougher with his hands. Though he doesn't know why - suspects it would bother him if he thought about why - it is something that Ianto knows is uniquely for him, and that makes him want to keep it. The times when Jack draws away and just... looks at Ianto are somehow worth the other times, when he doesn't see him at all.
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cybermen in the park! k-9 too!

Definitely definitely definitely get the outtakes and deleted scenes for season 2 if you can.

(I probably heard about the Rickey Was So My Boyfriend Confession and forgot about it, but shh. There's lots of other goodies as well.)
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Written for a community challenge. Horror-genre.

The prompt: "While swimming in a lake, one of the characters is dragged underwater by the roots of a tree. A woman wearing white saves the character from drowning from being trapped by the roots of the tree."

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